Thursday, January 1, 2015

Let's be reasonable

Okay, I just said that I wasn't going to make any goals for this year but after having been bombarded by the really excellent goals that I have seen today on the various social media platforms that I visit, I am succumbing to peer pressure and making a few goals.
  1. Visit at least two states that I haven't been to so I can get closer to having visited all 50. I will get one new state when I attend the Zombie Knitpocalypse in June so one more should be attainable.
  2. Knit at least twenty-four new projects (WIPs don't count), twelve of which should be hats. According to Ravelry, I completed twenty-two projects in 2014 so this will be an improvement. Two projects a month is completely reasonable.
  3. No more fingering weight yarn should be added to the stash. If I need something for a specific project that I am casting on right away, that is fine. I have sixty-seven skeins of fingering weight yarn in the stash and I primarily knit hats and cowls out of worsted or bulky yarn. In fact, the only fingering weight projects that were started and finished in 2014 were hats that I made with the yarn tripled so it was knit at a bulky gauge.
  4. Finish or frog at least five of the eleven WIPs that I have at the start of the year. The WIPs are: The Big Black & Grey (shawl), Felted Tweed Duotone (cowl), Cranberry INSULATE! (hat), Sausalito Cables and Lace (hat), T-Rex (dishcloth), The Grind (mittens), NW T9 Dissertation (afghan), Jade Twisted Rib (hat), SSK TGV (shawl), Savory Bay of Fundy (shawl), and Mira's Tern (cowl).

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Year in Review

Wow, I really fell off the blogging wagon. Here is the knitting stuff that you missed.

I knit a lot of hats and a few cowls and one random pair of slippers for a Nerd Wars challenge. Nerd Wars doesn't exist any more so I am now just knitting whatever makes me happy. I have quiet a few works in progress that will hopefully be finished sometime in 2015 but who knows.

I have no knitting goals for 2015. I have made knitting goals in the past and haven't stuck with them so I am just going to play it by ear in the coming year.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Nerd Wars Tournament Ten, Round Two

I managed to finish three projects for this round of Nerd Wars. I think that my knitting would be more productive if I could figure out how to incorporate projects into Nerd Wars instead of using Nerd Wars to select projects. I currently read the Nerd Wars challenge prompts and then select projects based on the prompt. I sometimes have other projects that I want or need to make but I have a hard time making my brain find ways for those projects to answer a Nerd Wars challenge. I think that I am going to try harder to make those project fit which should make juggling my knitting projects a little easier and should give my brain a bit of a workout. I think it is good to find different ways to give your brain a challenge, even if it is something small like making your project work with a Nerd Wars challenge prompt.

Without further ado, here are the badges that I earned for round two and the projects that I knit.

The challenge was to craft something inspired by the rocks that are studied by geologists. I knit a red hat inspired by rubies.  It is the Giving Comfort hat by Alicia Landi. It is a well-written pattern for a simple, bulky weight hat with a little bit of texture. I can see making a lot of these hats in my future for charity knitting. I used Malabrigo Mecha which is a lovely superwash bulky single that I purchased from my local yarn shop.


Please pardon the quality of the pictures. They were taken on a not so great camera and are a little blurry.

Oh the places I've been...